February 29, 2024

No statement has been made by the parents against the management of the building yet.

Surat : A five-year-old child died after an iron pipe fell from the sixth floor at a newly constructed building in Adajan area of Surat. The child was immediately shifted to a private hospital, where he died during treatment. At present, the family is in a state of mourning due to the death of the eldest son.According to the information, Karan Vasav lives with his family in a newly constructed building named Prestige Morar located in Maharashtra and Adajan area. There is a wife, two sons in the family. He used to earn his livelihood by cleaning the newly constructed building. He came to Surat two years ago in search of employment. Yesterday at 5 pm, parents were working on the second floor of a newly constructed building. Meanwhile, five-year-old son Mehul was running back after taking packet from the shop. Meanwhile, an iron pipe fell down from the sixth floor, which fell directly on Mehul and got seriously injured.

Moreover, as the pipe fell on the child, all the workers including the parents came running. He was then immediately shifted to a nearby private hospital. However, he died today during treatment due to severe head injury. After the death of the elder son of the family, the atmosphere of mourning has been covered. The Adajan police have registered a case of accidental death in this matter and further investigation has been conducted. The police said that further action has been taken after taking the statement of the child’s mother and father. At present, no statement has been made by the parents of the child against the management of the building regarding any negligence.

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