February 25, 2024

Specialists who performed more than 16,000 heart surgeries in his life could not understand their own heartbeats.

The medical world is shocked after the famous cardiologist Dr. Gaurav Gandhi of Jamnagar passed away due to cardiac arrest early this morning. A postmortem has been done to find out the reason. After these reports came to the fore, among the cardiologists of Saurashtra and Gujarat, including Jamnagar, many questions have also been raised along with a feeling of grief, which no one has the answer to at this time that what is the purpose of sudden cardiac arrest.

Found unconscious early in the morning

According to the information of this tragic incident,after a surgery he reached his home on the third floor of Apartment at Palace Road and went to bed as usual. When he was found unconscious at 6 o’clock in the morning, the immediate relatives were called and he was shifted to GG Hospital through 108, where the cardiologists gave intensive treatment for two hours but Dr. Gaurav Gandhi was rescued from the house who was in an extremely unconscious condition. He could not be recovered and was declared brought dead after treatment.

A post moterm has been done to find out the reason
He has left behind his father, mother, wife and children daughter son Prakhar. His last rites will probably be performed by evening. Thus Dr. Gaurav Gandhi passed away due to cardiac arrest, however a post-moterm has been done in GG Hospital to find out the exact cause so that a more clear reason can be found regarding the cardiac arrest.

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