February 29, 2024

Jamnagar Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda’s ancient medicinal research yielded surprising results

Initially, AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is being talked about all around now, but centuries ago our sages discovered things that challenge even today’s science. Research on the ancient system of medicine has been started in Jamnagar’s Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, in which experiments where medicine does not work, where Vedic mantras work, have been successful.

Furthermore, various experiments were conducted by the institute to know the effect of mantra sound written in our scriptures, composed by sages. Especially today’s people have problems with insomnia. Experiments were conducted on such patients, pregnant women.

Experiments were conducted continuously for 28 days. 60 patients aged 20 to 60 years with insomnia were divided into 2 groups, in which 30 patients were given Ayurvedic sleep medicine, while another 30 patients were recited the ‘Sukhpradan Nindra’ verse taken from Purana for 15 to 20 minutes after taking bath in the morning and before going to bed at night.

What was the result?

The expert was surprised to find the result of these experiments, as it was positive. The problem of not sleeping is gone. They fell asleep after listening to the verse. These verses proved to be more effective than medicine. If a patient listens to this verse regularly, one will not need to take medicine.

In the end, the experiment on a pregnant woman was shocking. For this, the effect of mantra sound on pregnant women was checked. First, the woman was subjected to loud music for 11 minutes. An hour later, chanting was heard.

During both these operations, images of the woman’s fetus were taken by sonography, in which the unborn child seemed to be frightened by the loud music. While listening to the mantra the child became completely relaxed, with a smile on his face, and he was sleeping.

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