February 25, 2024

Commencement of three-day Annual Groundnut Workshop-2023 at Junagadh Agricultural University

Junagadh and Saurashtra region is known throughout the country for its heavy production of groundnut. A three-day Annual Groundnut Workshop-2023 has been started at the Agricultural University to further boost groundnut production and increase farmers’ income through new research. More than 150 scientists from across the country are participating in this workshop.

India has succeeded in doubling the production of groundnut due to advanced research and development. Factors constraining groundnut production include low seed quality, planting of only one seed every year, seed replacement ratio, etc.

Considering the changing climate, new varieties of groundnut are being researched. Chancellor of Junagadh Agricultural University V.P. Chovtiya said that, groundnut is the signature crop of Saurashtra-Gujarat. It is produced in 20 lakh hectares in the state.

On this occasion, Research Director HM Gajipara gave a verbal welcome and RB Madaria, Research Scientist of Chief Oilseeds Research Center gave the vote of thanks. The program was successfully managed by Paresh Dawra.

Production increased

Lastly, in India before 1970 the productivity of groundnut per hectare was 6 to 7 thousand kg. Which has increased to 18 thousand kilograms in the year 2021-22. Also groundnuts contribute 25 to 30 percent to Telebia poco. So there is no substitute for groundnut crop with maximum oil percentage in Indian context.

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