February 25, 2024

Vadodara : In order to prevent any untoward incident regarding the Ganesh festival, the Commissioner of Police has instructed to conduct constant patrolling. On the basis of which the Karelibagh police staff men were on patrol, when they received information that three women had kept the copper wires stolen from Shree Gokul-2/A in two big plastic bags in a retired colony opposite the Karelibagh District Education Training Office three to four days ago and were moving to sell them, and now walks on the Khaswadi crematorium road.

On the basis of which the police reached the place as per the information and arrested the women. Asking them to submit the Aadhaar regarding the items packed in the bags, quarrels started shouting that they did not have them. So, after intensive questioning, they confessed that they had stolen the copper wires from Shree Gokul-2/A in Karelibag Retired Colony early morning a few days ago. So the police Kancha Dantani, Anita Dantani and Tejal Dantani arrested for theft of 14050 rupees from Gorwa, Karelibagh Police. Legal action has been taken at the station.

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