February 25, 2024

All the residents of the society enthusiastically participated on the theme Cyber crime Awareness.

Surat : Enthusiasm is being seen in Surat this time about Navratri. People are doing different social activities along with Navratri. At that time, a garba was organized for cyber awareness at Varni Residency at Kholwad on the outskirts of Surat. All the players of the society, from young to old played around wearing banners with slogans like cyber awareness and how to avoid cyber fraud. Perhaps this kind of cyber awareness garba has been seen for the first time in Navratri.

This time in Navratri, people are seeing a lot of enthusiasm in the street garba. At that time, efforts are being made by the residents to bring social awareness along with Garba. Then one such unique social activity was witnessed during the Navratri at the Varni Residency at Kholwad. A garba was organized in the society on the theme of cybercrime awareness. The players staged a garba wearing banners with various basic tips slogans to stop falling prey to cyber fraud and be vigilant. The main motive behind this theme was to make people aware about cyber fraud and stop being victims of cyber fraud. Along with this, cyber expert team of Surat was also called in the society, who also gave the necessary guidance to the residents of the society regarding cyber crime. People are welcoming this unique effort of the society. Because what could be better than the social awareness that comes along with Garba?

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