February 25, 2024

Unknown persons entered the factory in the middle of the night with the intention of looting.

Surat : As Diwali approaches, once again anti-social elements have become rampant in Anjani Industries of the city. There has been an incident, where two assailants attacked on weavers with a knife in the office of factory of industries. The video of this entire incident has gone viral and the police have been running. With the help of CCTV footage, Amroli police has conducted an investigation. It can be seen in the video that two attackers entered the office of a factory of Anjani Industry at around 1.20 pm on Tuesday night with the intention of looting. Amid the noise of machinery in the factory, these two assailants took 36-year-old young weaver Anil Donda hostage at the tip of knife, while he was sitting inside the office. A scuffle ensued as Weaver tried to escape the attackers. Both assailants beat Weaver and eventually robbed him.

At midnight, he was sitting in his factory office when two assailants barged in and attacked him with a knife. The injured Weaver has been admitted to private hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the police seized the DVR to watch the recording of the incident. With the help of CCTV footage, the Amroli police set the action in motion to identify the attackers and arrest them. Meanwhile, as the video of the attack went viral on social media, the manufacturers of Anjani Industry were panicked. Every year during Diwali, harassment by anti-social elements is increasing here, the factory owners are confused about whether to run the factory before Diwali or not. Leading industrialists demanded strict action by the police against anti-social elements and attackers.

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