February 25, 2024

A magnitude 4.2 tremor hit the border region of Kutch on Tuesday night

Moreover, an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude was recorded in Kutch on Tuesday night on the India-Pakistan border. The Institute of Seismological Research of the Gujarat government said that the epicenter of the earthquake was in opposite Pakistan, but in Pakistan, which is currently in a political earthquake on one side, this real earthquake recorded in its territory was not noticed.

Although, the government department, National Seismic Monitoring Center, Islamabad, which provides information and information about earthquakes in Pakistan, which has information about earthquakes in the whole world with maps, did not even know about the earthquake in its own country.

Furthermore, the earthquake was noticed by the Gandhinagar-based Institute of Seismological Research Center. Along with the information with the map that the focal point is in Pakistan was also disclosed, but the surprising thing is that even though it is a border area, Pakistan has not taken any notice of the threat in its own territory.

Additionally, the website about National Seismic Monitoring Center of Pakistan Meteorological Department claims that, since 2005, Pakistan Meteorological Department has upgraded and replaced all seismic instruments with advanced technology.

Further, 20 remote seismic monitoring stations were established from north to south of Pakistan. Time is also corrected using GPS at each remote station.

Lastly, a Tsunami Warning System has also been set up in PMD to monitor tsunamis in the Indian Ocean and anywhere in the world, but the earthquake was not reported in the area itself.

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