February 29, 2024

6 cows in a Yaksha Mandir of Madhapar in Bhuj were reported to the district animal husbandry department and inspected by the animal husbandry team.

Basically, Lumpy virus that caused havoc in Kutch last year has reappeared. The health system of the district has been running after suspicious symptoms of lumpy were found in 6 cows in a cowshed near Yaksha Mandir in Madhapar village of Bhuj. At present, samples have been taken and sent to Bhopal for investigation.

Deputy Animal Husbandry Director of Zilla Panchayat said that, the current cases of six cows are not new cases, earlier these cows were lumped and recovered, but some of these cows have developed tumors again. They don’t have the fever-nasal stuffy symptoms they used to have.

Further, some old and some new tumors have appeared next to the old ones. No new cases are being reported. Apart from that there is no news of Lumpy sighting anywhere else in Kutch. As part of the vigilance to prevent Lumpy disease, vaccination of cows has also been started in all parts of the district.

Lastly, last year, 4.37 lakh cattle were vaccinated in the district in the three months of June, July and August. It is mentioning that, like Corona, those who have previously developed lumpy skin disease have developed immunity due to the vaccine.

However, lumpy skin lumps are now visible, showing old lumps from cows that were lumpy last year. The situation in the district is now under control and there is no need to panic the stockholders.

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