A leopard video has gone viral on social media, people get scared to see leopard

Farmer Parimal Patel of Kangvai of Chikhli taluka has spread fear among the villagers after seeing a leopard outside his field. Farmer Parimal Patel has captured the leopard from his car in a mobile video. Videos of leopards have gone viral on social media. He has seen with leopard cubs have informed the forest department.

Moreover, in the tribal areas east of Navsari, as the forest out, predatory leopards move towards rural and urban areas in search of prey, where along with sugarcane and paddy fields, chikoo and ambavadi, rivers are suitable habitats for the wily leopards, where prey is easily found.

Therefore, they are becoming like them. Especially Navsari district has become suitable for them. In the villages of the eastern belt, leopards are often seen walking on the roads, highways and on the walls of someone’s farm or house. So the leopards who learned to live in fields from the forest have now started learning to live with human population.

On the other hand, as soon as a leopard is seen, the forest department is informed and the forest department catches the leopard in a cage and releases it in Vasanda National Park, but a study by wildlife experts of the Forest College has found that the solitary leopard does not match the territory of other leopards in the national park and returns to its own territory. Then in many villages of Vasanda taluka, leopards are seen roaming at certain times.

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