February 29, 2024

However, it seems that the system is not aware of this.

Surat : There have been complaints that patients are being harassed in Surat’s civil hospital. Patients coming for treatment at the civil hospital have to stand in a long queue. All people, whether old or young, including women, have to stand in the same line. After standing in a long queue, one has to line up to pay money. Then they have to wait in line to get x-rayed. So, along with the patients, their families are also getting harassed. In this matter, the Civil Superintendent asked to increase the staff.

As thousands of patients come for treatment at Surat’s civil hospital every day, patients face harassment and complaints of negligence. However, long queues have been seen in the X-ray department in Surat’s civil hospital for a long time in the morning. However, it seems that the system is not aware of this. Due to which patients and their families are suffering. Dr. Ganesh Govekar, superintendent of the new civil hospital, said about this that he is giving assurance to increase the staff due to the plight of the patients. Appropriate action will then be taken against any doctor or staff misbehaving. Along with this, the temporary staff will be increased whenever there are lines. If required, a window will also be extended.

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