February 25, 2024

These trucks, decorated with various themes, also become the center of attraction for devotees. Trucks are arranged by Ahmedabad Truck Association.

Ahmedabad: Ashadhi Bij means the special festival of Lord Jagannathji’s Rath Yatra. Rath Yatra of Puri and Ahmedabad is famous in the country. This year also, the 146th Rath Yatra of Bhaganath Jagannathji, who has become the identity of Ahmedabad, will be held and preparations are being made for it.

Further, Lord Jagannathji along with his brother Balaramji and sister Subhadraji goes out to Nagarcharya and walks in front of the devotees and gives darshan. Ahmedabad City Police also makes special preparations for this special Rath Yatra.

Along with this, Ahmedabad police has made a new experiment and arranged a special DJ for the visitors. Also, the one who arranged for the DJ is a Muslim youth. The Muslim youth has given darshan of Komi Ekta by giving his DJ free of cost.

Trucks are the center of attraction in the Rath Yatra
Devotees eagerly wait for the Rath Yatra of Ahmedabad, which has become famous in the country and abroad. The 21 km long Rath Yatra includes Akhada, Bhajan Mandali, Kartabbajos, but also trucks prepared on various themes. These trucks, decorated with various theme, also become the center of attraction for devotees. Trucks are arranged by Ahmedabad Truck Association.

GPS installed on all trucks
Further, it said that, when the truck breaks down or gets late or the truck gets stuck on the road, we do not get its location and if the truck gets stuck, the Rath Yatra could not start on time, so to solve this problem we have installed GPS on all the trucks, and the location of trucks can be found and monitored through GPS. If the truck gets stuck somewhere or the truck driver needs help, we can also provide help.

What did the Muslim youth say?
Mehbubkhan Karimkhan Pathan, who works as a DJ and lives in Juhapura, told that, it is a religious work to give a DJ in the Rath Yatra and I do not take money for religious work. I have the opportunity to serve by providing free DJ.

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