February 25, 2024

A cow died with Lumpy virus symptoms in in Udhana area; more operations have been carried out by moving the cow by the municipal system.

Surat : The condition of this cow lying on the circle of Shantinagar Society in Udhana was very bad. However, after being informed by the locals, the municipal officials reached the spot. The cow was then moved hydraulically. Lumpy virus has been observed in cows for some time now and vaccination of cows is also being done for it. However, today a cow fell on the roads of, in which the symptoms of the virus appeared for a long time.

The cow was vaccinated six months ago, but after six months her health deteriorated again and Lumpy virus appeared once again. Moreover, the doctor of the animal department of the municipality said that currently there are approximately 4 cases in Surat, and the cow has died now.

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