February 25, 2024

Rapid one-year growth of Miyawaki-style urban forest at Moti Bapod

Vadodara: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation is rearing urban forest using the Miyawaki method at 14 locations in the city, in which around 7,000 plants of 102 species are being raised for one year near Big Bapod Lake in the eastern area. In one year, this method has grown the forest very fast. Especially in city ponds, aquatic vegetation is very much a problem. Due to this, dirt is also spread in the lake, and where to dispose of this vegetation is also a big question, when the wild watercress in Bapod Lake was disturbed, it was taken out to make natural compost and this compost was used in the Miyawaki forest near the big Bapod Lake.

According to the chairman of the standing committee, about 15 trucks of water were taken out of the Bapod lake. It has been used for the first time at Big Bapod Forest, which has been mixed with liquid solution, soil and manure as natural fertilizer, and the experiment has been successful.

Now, where the trees are being planted on Mashiya Kans, the use of this fertilizer has also been started. An organization in Bangalore also helped the Corporation to produce compost from water-squash. The use of compost made from watercress also improves the growth of plants. By Vadodara Corporation, 14 sites have been afforested by Miyawaki method. Urban forests are being developed by the Corporation in collaboration with various NGOs in the last 1 year using the Miyawaki method. Miyawaki is a Japanese method. Akira Miyawaki of Japan has developed this method for the purpose of reforestation in a short period of time. Many countries of the world have adopted this method of botanist Miyawaki for forest construction. With this method, a forest can be grown quickly even in a small area. In this method, as many trees as possible are planted in a single area.

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