February 28, 2024

Accused tried to run away with his two mobile phones. However, the crime branch nabbed the accused.

Vadodara : The Vadodara Crime Branch has arrested the accused who has been calling the Vadodara, Surat and Nashik police control rooms, various police stations and police stations for the last two months and making false representations and uttering obscenities. The accused has been arrested and handed over to Ravpura police for investigation. Ravpura police have registered a case in this matter and started further investigation. Bhavna, a female head constable working in the Vadodara city police control room, has said in a complaint lodged at the Ravpura police station that if an emergency call is received on police number 100, it is my job to pick up the call and write the complaint of the caller. On November 26 last, during my duty, around four o’clock, an emergency call was received on police control room 100 number. I received that call.

The caller did not give his name and address and did not state what his complaint was and the person started swearing directly on the phone. Also this unknown person again called the police control room from another number. When I received that call, the caller started swearing. Ravpura Police and Vadodara Crime Branch started an investigation in this matter and in the meantime, the police arrested 47-year-old Madhukar Patil and started further investigation in this matter. The police have also seized a mobile phone from the accused.

The police investigation has revealed that the accused has been in Vadodara, Surat City-Rural and Nashik Police Control Room, Igatpura, Kim, Olpad, J.P. road for the last two months. He used to call police departments including Bapod Police Stations and Shi Team, making false representations, uttering obscenities and switching off the mobile after making calls. As the wife of the accused left the house, he was depressed and called the police. The accused tried to run away with his two mobile phones. However, the crime branch nabbed the accused Madhukar.

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