Currently, no reason for his suicide has been found.

Surat : An employee working as a driver in Dabholi fire station in Surat has cut his life short by hanging himself at home. The employee did not report for duty in the morning. So they were called by the officials, but the employee did not receive the call. So other employees went to his house and found him trapped. The deceased employee’s wife and one of his sons attended the function in the village. So, taking advantage of the loneliness, he tied a sari with a fan and hanged himself. Fire personnel, police and 108 team rushed to the spot. However, no reason behind this suicide has come out yet.

According to the information, 32-year-old Kishore Singh Padheria was working as a driver in Dabholi Fire Station in Surat and was living with his family in the fire quarter. The family consists of a wife and a 13-year-old son. Now his wife and one son had gone to some function in the village. So Kishore Singh was alone at home.Kishore Singh did not appear for duty this morning. So the officials called Kishore Singh, but as Kishore Singh was not answering the phone, other employees went to his house. When Kishore Singh did not open the door, he entered the house through the bathroom window and found Kishore Singh strangled. In this matter, fire officials, police and 108 team were informed, in which a team of 108 came to the spot and declared Kishore Sihan dead. However, the reason why Kishore singh took this step has not been revealed yet. Due to Kishore Singh’s suicide, the family is in mourning.

Moreover, Sub Fire Officer Printesh Patel said that all employees report to work at 6 am, but Kishoresih Padheriya, who works as a driver, did not report to work. So the officers present made 8 to 10 calls to them, but they did not pick up the phone. So the employee was sent to his home around 6.30 am to check. The door of Kishore Singh’s house was locked from inside. Knocking on the door did not get any response. So by opening the glass of the folding window of the washroom, the employee Marshall was allowed to enter the house.In which Kishore Singh Padheriya was found hanged. So the 108 team was called to the spot along with informing the officials and police. A team of 108 checked them and declared them dead. His body has been shifted to Smimer Hospital by the police. He is survived by his wife and a 13-year-old son, who are currently in the village. Kishore Singh was currently living alone for the last two-three days. This step has been taken by taking advantage of the isolation. Currently, no reason for his suicide has been found.

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