February 29, 2024

Police have registered a case under Section 135 of the GPA Act and conducted further investigation.

Anand : Two days ago, a video of a riot in the Ismailnagar area of Anand city at night time by anti-social persons with open arms went viral. After which the Anand Town police team in action detained a person seen with a weapon in the video, and action has been taken against him. In Ismail Nagar area of Anand city, last Thursday around eight o’clock in the night, a video of anti-social accused causing such a storm on the public road with open weapons went viral on social media. The discussion that the person seen in this video had attacked someone with a knife-like weapon also gained momentum. But even after twenty four hours of the incident no one filed a complaint.

On the other hand, this video, which went viral on social media, came to the attention of the Anand Town Police. So the police conducted a search for the identity of accused, who was seen walking on the road with a knife-like weapon in his hand in this video. In which it was found to be man Salman Khatki. So the police detained this Salman Khatki from his house and confiscated the knife from him. After which the police showed this viral video and interrogated Salman Khatki, he admitted that it was accused who was seen with the weapon in the video. No satisfactory answer was given regarding carrying this weapon in public. So the police have registered a case against this Salman Khatki under Section 135 of the GPA Act and conducted further investigation.

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