It was very challenging to make the patient unconscious due to stubborn diseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Ahmedabad : 57-year-old Vinod Patni, living in small Chiloda area of the city and suffering from mental illness, tried to commit suicide by sticking a knife in his neck. So they were immediately shifted to Civil Hospital for intensive treatment. When he was brought to the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad by 108 ambulance, he was conscious and the edge of the knife was lodged in his throat and the handle of the knife was visible. According to the family members, a lot of blood was shed during this time. He was given immediate treatment on reaching the Civil Hospital. On sonography, the leading edge of the knife was just above the main carotid artery. It was very dangerous to keep the patient in this condition for too long. If there is even a slight movement and the main jugular vein is cut by the edge of the knife, it becomes difficult to save the patient. Hence, he was immediately taken to the operation theatre. It was also very challenging to make the patient unconscious due to stubborn diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, bypass, obesity.

Civil Hospital’s ENT Department Dr. Ila Upadhyay (Professor and Head), Dr. Devang Gupta (Associate Professor), the organs around the knife inserted into the throat were removed from the edge of the knife and a three and a half to four hour operation was carried out taking care not to injure all the important organs of the neck. Later the knife was successfully extracted. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital Superintendent Dr Rakesh Joshi said that, the doctors of the Civil Hospital revived the victim as a result of their efficiency and expertise. He further said that if the treatment of Vinod had been missed or delayed, his life would have been at risk. Due to the promptness and efficiency of the doctors in Civil, the health of the patient is now good and now Vinod has been shifted to the ward where his condition is stable.

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