February 25, 2024

In Pranjeevan Hostel, the room where the liquor bottle was found was sealed, the students who drank alcohol are missing

Ahmedabad : After the discovery of marijuana plants in the Gujarat University campus, a bottle of liquor was found in the hostel of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, questions are being raised against the system, police and government regarding such anti-social activities in Vidya Dham. In Gandhi’s Gujarat, when the law of prohibition of liquor is being thoroughly dug, Gandhi’s Vidyadham is now in a frenzy after finding bottles of liquor.

Liquor bottles have been recovered from room number 41 of Pranjeevan hostel in Gujarat Vidyapeeth in Ahmedabad. The room has been sealed after the incident. The student of the room from which the liquor bottles were caught was studying for Ph.D. Sources are also saying that, the admission of this student has also been cancelled. Regarding this, it has been said by the Vidyapeeth system that, an investigation has been started as to where the liquor bottle came from. This is a shameful thing. The room where the liquor bottle was found has been sealed and the student’s admission has also been cancelled.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth Vice Chancellor said, “It is a very shameful thing for Gujarat Vidyapeeth.” Who is the head of hostel department. An investigation was conducted by them and this liquor bottle was found. Information was received about the students, who are not staying in the hostel and are not studying in the Vidyapith, coming and consuming inedible items. The matter was investigated and a bottle of liquor was found in it. A liquor bottle has been found in the room of a PhD student in the history department.

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