February 25, 2024

A huge amount of waste is dumped here which is not a good thing. It creates huge pollution in the atmosphere.

Surat : A large amount of garbage is burnt at the rear of the crematorium under Savji Korat Bridge in Big Varachha, Surat. People who were passing over the Varachha bridge also faced difficulties. An alert citizen of Mota Varachha made a call to the fire control after noticing this matter. Hence the corporation officer fined the waste burner. At the time of Diwali, the garbage that was being cleaned inside the societies was collected in a tractor and dumped next to the cremation ground under Savji Korat Bridge. It was set on fire late at night. Scenes of a huge fire were seen and smoke was constantly billowing out. The pollution was also spreading on a large scale due to the burning of garbage in the same way day and night. The fire was brought under control by the fire department. But this fire was not started but garbage was collected and burnt. This matter also came to the attention of the corporation.

Moreover, president of Universal Foundation Prakash Vekaria said, “I have been seeing smoke coming from here for some time now. At first it was thought that there must have been a fire. But due to the constant incident, I investigated and found that garbage is dumped and burnt here. Due to which the pollution is spreading in the whole environment. A deeper investigation revealed that this garbage is being collected by tractors and then dumped here. Further said, while passing here today, I saw the same scenes again, I informed the fire department and also informed the corporation officials. It is also known that the owner of the tractor was fined when the corporation team reached the spot. 2 to 3 days then continuously smokes.

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