An investigation has been started by tracing the mobile phones of both in this matter.

Gandhinagar : Police have registered case and are conducting further investigation after a 16-year-old minor studying in class 11 abducted a teenager from Uttarakhand after teaching love lessons through Instagram. It may be mentioned that minor did not return home till today after going to school, her father has lodged a police complaint against the teenager from Uttarakhand. A similar case of red light for parents of children using social media has been registered in the book of Chiloda police station. Nowadays, the trend of creating reel and posting photos on social media has increased a lot. Due to which the scale of cybercrime through social media has also reached its peak. A few times earlier, the photos were obtained from the social media account of a young man of New Gandhinagar. Later, the photos were morphed and ugly photos were sent to the young man’s social media account and money was demanded by the cyber gangs. And the young man complained to the police when he was fed up with threatening to go viral with the morphed ugly photos, if he did not give the money. A case has also come to light that a young man from Uttarakhand kidnapped minor in a love trap.

According to the details, 16-year-old girl studying in class 11 was using Instagram. During this, she came in contact with a teenager from Uttarakhand. Due to which both were constantly in touch with each other. Gradually a close relationship was established between the two. A few days ago, the rumor that teenager from Uttarakhand was falling in love with minor daughter had also exploded in front of the family. Then last On 21st, she went to school from home. At that time there was Garba program in the school. But She did not return home till late. In this regard, the reliable sources of police station said that the preliminary details have come to know that the Uttarakhand teenager was trapped in a love trap while investigating on the basis of the complaint of minor’s father. An investigation has been started by tracing the mobile phones of both in this matter. Both people came in contact with each other through social media. A team has been activated to trace them.

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