At present, the police have arrested the accused and taken legal action in this matter.

Surat : A 5-year-old girl who went missing from Wedroad Pandol in Surat late on Tuesday was mysteriously found near Akhandanand College on Wedroad. As there were signs of injury on the child’s private parts, the police started running after fearing that she had been molested. On investigation, it was revealed that the girl had been raped. Crime branch police including Chowk Bazar joined the investigation. Meanwhile, the crime branch police nabbed accused, who raped the girl. Accused had kidnapped the girl by luring her with chocolate. A 5-year-old girl suddenly went missing from Wedroad Pandol area of Surat around 8.30 pm. Although the family searched extensively, no trace of the girl was found. Meanwhile, around 11 o’clock in the late night, this girl was found crying on the road leading to Trilok Society near Akhand Anand College on Vedroad. Meanwhile, an alert citizen caught the eye of this child. Seeing the condition and clothes of the girl, the alert young man suspected that something strange had happened. So he immediately called the police and reported it. A convoy including Chowkbazar Police, Crime Branch immediately rushed to the spot. The police immediately shifted the girl to Smimer Hospital for treatment. The child was found to have signs of injury on her private part of body. Due to which, the police were primarily concerned with the possibility of rape of the girl child. In the meantime, it came to know from the Smimer hospital that the child was raped, for which the police registered a case of rape and formed different teams to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the Surat Crime Branch team was successful in nabbing the accused. Crime Branch police nabbed 29-year-old accused Ankit Gautam. The police questioned him strictly and said that he was working in an embroidery account at Surat for the last 10 years. Last February 20, 2024, he was roaming in Chowkbazar area. Meanwhile, a girl was seen playing near the house. Joint Police Commissioner Wabang Zamir said, Naradham Ankit Omprakash Gautam kidnapped the girl on the pretext of feeding her chocolate. Later he was taken to a deserted place within the limits of Chowkbazar Police Station, where the child was raped and fled leaving the child crying. At present, the police have arrested the accused and taken legal action in this matter.

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