February 25, 2024

The local residents got together. A video was made of bottled water with mites.

Surat : The claims of making Surat a smart city by blowing the bells of clean Surat are proving to be hollow. The Surat municipal water system cannot even supply clean drinking water to the citizens. Today some houses in the city had contaminated water. So the citizens were full of anger. According to the information received, clean water is not coming in the areas around the Surat Municipal Corporation office ward no. 12 Khajurawadi area received dirty water this morning. Around 7 am, there was water infested in the surrounding houses, including the house of local prominent Nazim Pathan. On investigation, similar sewage was supplied to the entire area. So the local residents got together. A video was made of bottled water with mites.

Moreover, local residents raised questions against the administration of Surat Municipal Corporation. He alleged that Surat Municipal Corporation is compromising the health of the citizens by supplying contaminated water. The so-called smart administration of the BJP-ruled Surat Municipal Corporation, blowing the bubbles of development, has gone down the drain. They are failing to provide clean drinking water. Congress leader Aslam Cyclewala said that, sewage is coming to Khajurwadi area for the last 15 days. Even after complaining many times, the system does not listen. The supply of sewage water barely half a kilometer away from the Surat Municipal Corporation headquarters shows the failure of the BJP rulers.

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