February 25, 2024

Along with the municipality and the police, the vehicle drivers are also responsible for accidents on Gaurav Path.

Surat : Barricades were built on Surat’s Pal-Bhesan Gaurav Path to prevent accidents caused by speeding vehicles, but people have broken the barricades and started vehicular traffic. The possibility of another fatal accident on this road cannot be ruled out as people are driving dangerously by breaking the barricades made by the municipality.

Additionally, a fatal accident recently took place on Pal-Bhesan Gaurav Path in Rander Zone of Surat Municipality. A young man was died in a collision with a speeding car. After this accident, the municipality and the police system woke up and instructed to remove the gap created between the dividers even for small roads, along with a survey to make a circle, to complete the dangerous gaps that cause accidents immediately. It was After a joint action by the municipality and the police, orders were given to close the gap created between the dividers near the Palanpore fire station that invites accidents.

The gap between the dividers which the municipality has pointed out as the reason for the accident is increasing the possibility of fatal accidents again as people start driving away from the same gap. People have broken the barricades and vehicles have started plying but the municipal administration has not taken any action against the people who broke the barricades or bothered to rebuild the barricades due to which the fear of accidents is increasing.

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