February 29, 2024

The rulers have decided to allocate space to vendors on a temporary basis.

Surat : There is good news for Surtis who are fond of food. After moving the hawkers vendors who were forced to stand on the road, now Surat Manpa has made a special plan for these hawkers vendors. The municipal authorities have decided to allocate a special space to food and drink hawkers. To make Surat the number one clean city of the country, several decisions were taken by the Surat Municipal Corporation. Under it, the pressure of food hawkers standing on the road was removed. Food hawkers have been removed from the road for almost two months. A special patrol team has been formed in the municipality to ensure that these hawkers do not pressure, which periodically patrols the road and removes the pressure. Also, the responsibility of the patrol team has also been determined in case of pressure.

On the other hand, there is a threat to the employment of food street vendors as trucks are removed from the road. As these vendors become unemployed, the problem of sustenance of their families has arisen. This has also been protested by food street vendors. Space is being demanded by them. On the other hand, the urban people who are used to eating on the hawkers on the roadside are also feeling embarrassed.For an interim solution to these problems, the rulers of Surat Municipal Corporation took an important decision in the budget of the Standing Committee today. The rulers have decided to allocate space to vendors on a temporary basis.It is planned to formulate a policy to allow only temporary standard usage for the purpose of vending at eligible fairs in Surat city area. Show a humane approach so that the livelihood of the hawkers does not stop along with the hawkers vending activity on the public road and the hawker’s families do not face financial hardship. It has been decided as part of the budget to prepare a comprehensive policy in all zones to permit vending activities at fairs.

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