A telescope is still useful today, which was ordered from London 84 years ago

To begin with, many such old new technologies keep developing in the world, which people remember for life. Similarly, at the science faculty of the world famous Maharaja Sayajirav University in Vadodara city, there is a 360 degree rotatable dome made of copper, the only university in Gujarat.

However, the dome was specially built to house a telescope ordered from London. The students of Physics Department used this telescope for their studies.

Moreover, head Professor PK Jaha of the Physics Department of the Science Faculty of the University of M.S. university, said that a special telescope was ordered from Yorkshire, London. This telescope was imported and installed here in 1939.

A special type of dome made of special copper and which can rotate 360 degrees was prepared by the Maharaja at that time to be able to observe in four directions with this telescope, which is still functioning even after 84 years. The dome can rotate in the direction in space in which to observe the position of the planets.

In the end, from 1939 to 1992, the dome was rotated manually. It was then restored by T.Singh in the period of 1994-95 and installed electronic motors in this revolving dome which is still functioning. This telescope was of particular importance. It uses special Carl Zesis lenses. So far more than 200 shows have been arranged for students to study with this telescope.

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