Therefore, we need your blessings, support and assistance in front of them.

Surat : While new experiments are being done by the candidate for election campaign, Navsari Lok Sabha Congress candidate has come into the discussion by dressing up as Gandhiji. Naishadh Desai, who has been following Gandhiji ideology for years, has decided to campaign by wearing dhoti and bundi. A lot of curiosity is also being seen regarding that. Congress candidate from Navsari Lok Sabha seat, Naishadh Desai said, said divine reason behind wearing this dress. To establish freedom, equality, protect democratic constitution, new generation no bogus balloons of Narendra Modi, no new generation Mahatma Gandhi propaganda. Remembering Gandhi’s Namak Satyagraha, the young generation has taken this guise to agitate, perform satyagraha, against the terror of the coming power. There will be dress till voting on 7th. As advised by Hon’ble Modi, I have been wearing khadi since birth.

It was said in the press conference that it is his job to advertise in the media and to campaign on the stage porch at all costs to the government and to employ all the government machinery in election campaigning. This is his policy. Therefore, we need your blessings, support and assistance in front of them. When we die we will say He..Ram.. Narendra Modi, who destroyed Rajdharma by going against the advice of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who led Gujarat astray by Mahatma Gandhi, is his Hanuman. We pray to you to defeat CR Patil.

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