February 29, 2024

At present 3000 visitors per day, cages have been started for wolves

A vacation at Sarthana Nature Park takes place. A large number of people visit from outside the city as well. Currently more than 3000 visitors are registering daily in summer vacation. At present there are a total of 426 animals and birds in the nature park. A preparation has been carried out to bring in new animals in the coming days.

Moreover, Wolves and crocodiles will be seen in the future. Both these animals will be brought from Jaipur Zoo. A pair of wolves and 2 pairs of watch crocodiles will be brought. Against which 1 pair of water cats from Surat will be given to Jaipur. The Central Zoo Authority has also given permission for this. Construction of cages for wolves has started.

Finally, on Friday morning, office-bearers including the Mayor paid a surprise visit to the nature park, where the lake was found to be heavily polluted and suggested to clean it immediately. Tendering for development of ponds and raising of fish as a useful choice in animal feed was urged.

Mayor Hemali Boghavala, standing chairman Paresh Patel and ruling party leader Amit Rajput paid a surprise visit and asked to increase the water in the lake. Along with this, emphasis was placed on the use of solar power.

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