The parents delivered the newborn baby in Dindoli and abandoned it in Katargam.

Surat : A newborn baby girl, who was abandoned in an anthill outside the orphanage at Katargam in Surat last Monday morning, finally died on Wednesday. The abandoned girl in a critical condition was admitted to the Civil Hospital for treatment, where she died on Tuesday. When the Katargam police investigated, it was found that a 16-year-old teenage girl from Maharashtra who was a virgin mother had been abandoned. Police have arrested 5 people including the mother from Maharashtra in this case. Katargam Mahajan Orphan Child Ashram outside on Monday. In the early morning of February 26, some unscrupulous woman abandoned the newborn baby girl to hide her sin. In the morning, a passer-by saw a girl wrapped in a cloth lying in an ant heap and crying because of an ant bite. The passer-by informed 108 and the girl was rushed to the New Civil Hospital for immediate treatment, where she was admitted to the NICU ward and started treatment.

After a short treatment, the girl finally died. Katargam police rushed to the civil hospital after getting information about the incident and started investigation. The police registered a case against the unknown woman and started searching for her. After that, the Katargam police reached the accused on the basis of a rickshaw and now the accused are being interrogated. Pinakin Parmar (DCP) said that Section 304 was imposed on the abandoned girl who died during treatment. The Katargam police conducted several CCTV searches to trace the accused. On the basis of one rickshaw, the police reached the rickshaw driver and succeeded in solving the crime.It was further said that the couple from Maharashtra has a 16-year-old daughter. The teenager was not married and got pregnant. So he came to Surat to make the delivery. The delivery was done in a private nursing home, where the baby girl was born so a rickshaw puller was hired and the baby girl was left outside the ashram. It was further said that the girl’s parents, the rickshaw driver and the doctor who delivered the girl and a nurse have been arrested after questioning.

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