February 25, 2024

Number of children taking admission in class 1 reduced by 60 percent

Ahmedabad: A child must be 6 years old by May 31 to get admission in Class 1 in Gujarat schools. Due to this decision, the number of children studying in class 1 in schools has decreased by 60 percent this year compared to a normal year. So the school management board has asked to relax the age of the children. Instead of May 31, June 14 has been demanded.

60 percent less number of students in Std.1

The school management board has written a letter to the Chief Minister and said that, junior, senior or nursery classes of state schools have not been held in 2020-21 and 2021-22 during the Corona period.

However, some parents still want their child to study in Junior KG. In June 2023, the age for admission to class 1 has been raised to 6 years. This year, the number of students in class 1 in state schools has reduced by 60 percent.

August 31 was the cutoff date for admission

The number of students in schools can be counted on fingers. Earlier, August 31 was the cutoff date for admission to Class I, with a grace period of 14 days. The term was given till September 14. So, if grace period is given after May 31 to June 14, maximum children born from June 1 to June 14 can be admitted in the current year.

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