February 25, 2024

The power was created after the death of the original owner of the land, mother and son

A old woman without having children, while investigating in the panchayat in the name of land ownership, the pot exploded.

After the death of mother and son, the original owner of the land of Lajpore village of Choryasi taluka, the Sachin police registered a complaint and arrested six of the gang including Ilyas Kasuji of Lajpore and the notary, who made a bogus power of attorney and sold the land worth crores of rupees.

Further, Fatema Patel residing in Utara Maholla of village Lajpore of Choryasi taluka, father of village Lajpore Survey no. 22/1 of Block No. 23, Since the land is not a child, Irfan Suleman, the son of the aunt, started the effort to name the land, under which Fatema was shocked to find out that 7/12 of the land was in the name of Amrut Devchand Patel, while investigating in Lajpore Gram Panchayat.

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