February 25, 2024

After the three accused assaulted the two youths and ran away, the police started investigation, one person’s situation still critical

Ahmedabad: In the city, there are disputes over small matters, over which enmity leads to crimes up to murder. In the city’s Khokhra area, a murder of a youth has come to know in the footsteps of a Punjabi locksmith in Bhaipura.

A 19-year-old youth has been killed after a fight over the parking of a hawkers. Three accused have absconded after committing this crime. A case has been registered in Khokhra police regarding this murder incident. Police have taken further action.

Nirmala and her daughter Divya held this Satish by force. Bobda beat Satish on the body. He took a knife from the waist of his pant and stabbed him in the stomach with the intention of killing him. When my son Jeetu was in the middle of freeing Satish, this Bobda also killed him with the knife he had. While stabbing him in the stomach with the intention of killing him, he fell on the ground and both of them were seriously injured and bled.

After that, this guy ran away from there. After that, 108 ambulance was called for Satish and Jeetu and taken to LG Hospital, before admitting both of them, during the treatment, the doctor on duty declared Jeetu dead and Satish is currently under treatment.

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