It has been withdrawn from the account of the Congress party.

Surat : Opposition is accusing BJP on the issue of electoral bond. The collection of thousands of crores by the BJP has become clear. So that this policy of BJP does not become clear, he tried hard not to reveal the names of the companies that gave boards in the Supreme Court, but with the continuous scrutiny by the Supreme Court, the scam perpetrated by the BJP has finally come to know. The BJP’s Modi government through the Congress called the Congress its world the way IT has been used far away. Party accounts that were officially given by Congress supporters have also been frozen. In the political history of the country, no party has frozen bank accounts of the opposition before the election. When all the explanations were sought by the Supreme Court, it was time to reveal the names and the whole issue came to the fore. He quipped that Chanda Do…Dhandha Lo…means prepaid SIM card and contract…bribe means being postpaid.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) should be formed under the supervision of the Supreme Court to investigate the well-planned loot carried out by the BJP in the name of electoral bonds and conduct a thorough investigation within a time frame. On the one hand, the BJP has collected a fund of 82 billion 52 crore rupees in the name of electoral bonds. On the one hand, giving huge benefits from the government treasury and on the other hand, taking commissions in the name of electoral bonds and collecting installments by ED, IT and CBI, the famous Supreme Court has disclosed the information of electoral bonds. have since come out.

One party is sitting on collecting money from electoral bonds of 82 billion 52 crore rupees. That the party freezes its bank accounts and also siphons illegal money so that the main opposition cannot contest elections will be written in black letters in the history of democracy and Janata Janardhan will not forgive this. The Congress party expressed confidence that the great masses of the country will not forgive and defeat the BJP, which is out to destroy democracy. Big guarantees given by BJP in the past have been a complete failure. In the next Lok Sabha elections, the defeat will be very bad. Then all the tactics have been started so that the opposition parties cannot contest the elections. The accounts of the Congress party have been frozen and 115.32 crore rupees which the people of the country had given to the Congress party in the form of money to fight the BJP. It has been withdrawn from the account of the Congress party.

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