February 25, 2024

Earlier, after doing business through broker and making timely payments, after building trust, the trader contacted directly and bought the cloth.

Surat : A complaint has been registered in the Salabatpura police station that a trader having a shop in Gopal Chamber near Salabatpura Ratna Cinema, who ordered gray cloth from a trader of Ring Road Shankar Market in Surat, defrauded him by not paying the outstanding payment of Rs.14.55 lakh. According to police information, 45-year-old Ranjit Shethiya trades in textiles in the name of Sri Krishna Synthetics and Vardhaman Fabrics at Ring Road Shankar Market. His looms factory is located at Bamaroli Road, Umiyanagar. In the year 2021, cloth broker Piyush Morawala introduced him to Brijesh Shukla dealing in cloth in the name of BS Enterprises at Gopal Chambers near Salabatpura Breast Cinema. 4 lakhs in business and his payment was received promptly.

After that there was no business between them. Later in June 2022, Brijesh directly contacted Ranjit saying that you know me, give me the goods, I will make your payment on time as before. Brijesh made a payment of Rs.7,41,389 out of it and promised to pay the remaining payment of Rs.14,55,206. While passing the time, Ranjit lodged an application against him in the police. On the basis of the application, the Salabatpura police registered a case of frauded against Brijesh yesterday and conducted further investigation.

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