The designers present posed their questions to the industry knowledgeable guests.

Surat : A Gujarat level ‘Design Spark Meet Up’ was held at Yogi Chowk, a joint initiative of Red & White Multimedia Institute and Surat Design Community, with the aim of revitalizing the culture of designing industry in Gujarat with innovations and smooth use of artificial intelligence. Saptashri Prakash Director of Design (Swiggy), Gaurav Kumar Product Designer of Lotfiles, Felix Lee Co-Founder & CEO of ADP List held a discussion session on the future of the industry and innovation with more than 250 design industry professionals from various states of the country. Saptashree Prakash, who was specially present on this occasion, said on the topic of ‘Impact of AI on Design’ that the jobs of the employees will not be taken by AI but by the people who have accepted AI technology. He said that the design industry is a platform that runs on creativity and visualization. After the advent of AI, this industry has seen many changes. Designers can use it to some extent but should avoid relying on it completely. He further added that Gujarat is a strong contender to achieve more in the IT sector and Surat’s Jaman which is truly exciting.

In this meet up, Felix Lee, who was connected virtually, provided guidance to everyone through his own experience in the industry. Gaurav Kumar, present here, presented his talk on ‘Motion Design Workflow Simplified’. He told about the importance of motion design and its workflow to make any product website or profile attractive. Apart from this, the founder of Surat Design Community Mr. Mohit Savalia explained about the growth of design community in Gujarat and its ambitions and future goals. At the end of the meet up, the designers present posed their questions to the industry knowledgeable guests and got guiding solutions.

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