December 11, 2023

The doctor removed the Peanuts after 1 hour of operation.

Surat : A similar case of red light for parents has come up in Surat. A five-year-old child got stuck in his trachea after swallowing peanuts. As the child was having trouble breathing, the family ran. The child was shifted to Surat Civil Hospital and the child was saved after an operation was performed to remove the Peanuts. The family felt relief as the child was out of danger. 26 year old Ashwin Mawchi lives with his family in Uchhal, Surat. Ashwin supports his family by farming. Yesterday, Ashwin’s 5-year-old son Aarush was eating corn outside the house and the mother had gone for a bath.

Moreover, when the mother came out, the son was having trouble breathing. So, suspecting that the Peanuts had stopped, the mother along with her family reached the hospital at Songarh with her son on 108. From there he went to the hospital at Vyara and from there rushed to Surat Civil Hospital. On examination in Civil, the Peanuts were found to be lodged in the trachea. After which Arush was admitted in the ICU of the Civil Hospital. After about an hour of operation at night, the Peanuts were removed from the trachea. Now the child’s condition has returned to normal. Doctors say that there is no problem now. The family including the parents felt a sense of relief as son saved by doctors.

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