February 29, 2024

The oxygen level is low on Amarnath tour because of thin air and the climate changes due to the location of Basecamp at 11,500 feet.

Vadodara: Amarnath Yatra has been started in the month of July. Due to rapid changes in weather, natural calamities and adverse environment, pilgrims suffer from health related problems. Medical base camps are functioning at every 4 to 5 km along the entire route to provide timely medical facilities, in which a pharmacist from Vadodara, gave free treatment for 20 days this year. He used to treat 400 to 500 people daily. Also, he said that, 20% of the patients were in critical condition.

Pharmacist was then privileged to serve for 20 days at the Medical Base Camp at Sheshnag Point on the Yatra route to Amarnath. The weather at camp is very unstable. At an altitude of 11,500 feet, this place has a normal temperature of 0° to -1°. At any time rain, snow, sun and sudden cold starts. To serve the pilgrims in such adverse situation, if they suffer any serious problem
In the working medical camp, doctor received the benefit of serving.

It was further said that, due to the change in the atmosphere, there is a problem of oxygen level and blood pressure. There were two cases during their service, where a doctor was on oxygen for 24 hours. Airlifts were then carried out. Similarly, a 26-year-old man was also airlifted after being kept on ventilator for 2 days.

Thus, the health department is always ready to donate life to the people when they have to treat the pilgrims in the dire situation of an epidemic like Corona, a natural disaster or during the Amarnath Yatra. It is commendable that, medical experts volunteered to serve in Amarnath.

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