This student has taken this step in love affairs is coming into service.

Surat : A medical student of Surat Civil Hospital’s Medical College attempted suicide. In the morning, when the door of the hostel room did not open, the fellow friends broke the door and entered. The student was later found foaming at the mouth and a cord was also found next to him. Currently, it is suspected that this student has taken this step in a love affair. Medical student studying in second year of Physiotherapy at Surat Civil Hospital Medical College. A student studies in a physiotherapy hostel. Around 10:20 am today, he called his friends and told them that he was under a lot of stress. Then his fellow friends reached the hostel room.

The student had locked the door of the hostel room from inside. He did not open the door even though his friends knocked. Then the friends entered the room by breaking the door. The student was lying on the floor in the room and foaming at the mouth. Along with this, there was also a cord on the side. As the student was in a semi-conscious state, his friends brought him on a bike to the Civil Hospital’s trauma center for treatment, where the student was immediately given first aid. So his health began to improve. After that he has been admitted in the ward of the civil hospital. Now it is known that his health is stable. According to the information received from the sources, the student first tried to eat the trap with a rope and then tried to shorten his life by drinking some medicine. The student told his fellow friends that he was under stress. Along with this, the apprehension that this student has taken this step in love affairs is coming into service.

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