This parade was held by gathering approximately 1000 accused from 36 police stations of Surat city at one place.

Surat : The city police has come into action against Diwali in Surat. The accused who have been arrested for serious crimes registered in 36 police stations of the city police have been identified and paraded. At the police ground, more than 1,000 accused who had been caught in serious crimes were brought to one place by a senior police official including the Surat City Police Commissioner, persuaded to bring them on the right track and appealed to them to join the help of the police to reduce the crime rate in the city.Diwali festival has already started and Surat city police are determined to prevent any untoward incident in Surat city. Keeping in view the past incidents, about 1 thousand accused involved in serious crimes registered by Surat police in different police stations of the city were paraded today at police parade ground located at Athawalines in Surat, in which information was obtained about all kinds of activities including the present residence, work, etc. of the accused. Not only this, but the accused were given special guidance by Surat City Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar so that the accused would leave the path of crime and adopt the right path.

Moreover, an initiative has been taken by Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar to stop crime in Surat city and to ensure that criminals involved in crime take the right path. As the festival of Diwali has already started, the police paraded the identity of the accused involved in serious crimes in the past today to prevent crime in Surat city. This parade was held by gathering approximately 1000 accused from 36 police stations of Surat city at one place. Details of activities, residential address, place of work were obtained. Not only this, but proper guidance was also given by the Commissioner of Police Ajay Tomar for these accused to leave crime and take the right path. Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar while guiding the accused said that there is happiness and joy in walking on the right path. It is a prayer that God helps the accused to show them the right path. The police will give full cooperation to the people who follow the right path. We are fully prepared to help those accused who want to reform.

In the ed, most of the 35 crimes have found a solution with the help of the police. While other crimes are currently under settlement. I am also away from the company of friends involved in anti-social activities. After leaving the path of crime and adopting the right path, today he is involved in the business of DJ. After committing fraud, nothing is achieved except prison and remorse. So the way of crime is inappropriate. Apart from this, other accused also expressed remorse for the crime they committed, where some of the accused had now resolved to leave crime and reform.

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