February 25, 2024

Police robbed many people of cars and properties by giving them interest; Also, the police robbed to people and their properties

Surat : A few days ago, an Ahmedabad policeman kidnapped a family and extorted money. Then one more such incident has come to know in Surat, in which the policeman of the control room in Surat, who was circulating rupees at interest, gave 8 lakhs to the businessman on a land document worth crores of rupees. When the businessman returned the rupees and asked for the document, the policeman seized Rs 50 lakh from him. The Umra police have registered a case of cheating against policeman Kamlesh Ausura, who cheated 50 lakhs without documenting the land. While a video of a sting has also surfaced.

Moreover, Constable Kamlesh Ausura of Surat Police Control Room gave 8 lakhs to diamond merchant Karshan Khokhani during Corona in the year 2020. Against this, the policeman had documented the businessman’s land worth crores of rupees. The condition was fixed that the policeman would return the document when the businessman returned the amount of 8 lakhs. The original document bearing the policeman’s name was kept by the trader. When the businessman gave an amount of 8 lakhs and talked about documenting the land. According to the diamond merchant’s allegation, the policeman Kamlesh used to transfer the amount on interest. He has robbed many people of cars and properties by giving them interest.

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