Even after making representations, potholes is not resolved, it has been lying on the main road in Dandiya Bazar area for two days.

Vadodara: With the onset of monsoon in Vadodara, along with potholes, the roads are being washed away due to poor quality of work, on the other hand, large floods are also occurring in various areas. The Congress has submitted a petition to the corporation and has demanded timely repairing and maintenance of potholes on the road to prevent fatal accidents.

On the other hand, today after presenting the potholes lying on the road, which was bustling with traffic for the last two days, the Congress corporator of Ward No. 13 sat on the potholes and protested against the negligence of the system. He said that, due to poor quality of work, the roads are falling. Excavation of water and sewerage lines is carried out within a year after construction of the road, which later is not properly maintained and is being neglected by the contractor, causing hazardous soil to fall on the road.

Now the rainy season is going on and when it rains at night, such weather poses a great danger to the people passing through the road. Similarly, potholes have fallen on the road in the Chhani area of the city, and there have been landslides. The banks of the Chhani Lake have also been washed away, and there too the crater is taking shape as the interior is exposed. Heavy rain is still forecast, due to this storm the bank of the lake will be further washed away and the railings etc. will also break. Timely repairs have been presented by the Congress corporator of ward one.

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