February 25, 2024

Police said legal action had been taken earlier after the juvenile student was caught in a theft incident in conflict with the law.

Surat : A tube of intoxicating solution used in tire puncture was found in the school bag of children studying in Pandesara area of Surat city, causing a huge uproar in the entire area. As the video of the incident went viral on social media, there was a deep reaction in the academic world as well. In the school bag of two teenage students dressed in school dress, instead of a book, a tube of the puncture solution used in the drug experiment was found. Locals immediately informed the police considering the seriousness of the incident. The police called the parents of the children and told them the whole story and counseled the parents and children and asked them to pay special attention to it.

Moreover, an intoxicating solution tube along with a book was found in the school bag of two innocent children of class 6 and 7 studying in Galaxy Army School at Pandesara in Surat. Due to which, it was noticed that the children were getting addicted to alcohol at a young age. The solution tube used to puncture bike tires is also being used as an intoxicant by the youth today. Then many questions have been raised about the future of students who were found intoxicating solution tubes in the bags of ten-twelve-year-old children and were seen intoxicating them in public. Both the teenage students of Galaxy Army School in Pandasara were intoxicating solution tubes along with another teenager in a society near the school. When the local residents came to know about this, they immediately reached the children and checked their school bags. Local residents were also shocked when four tubes of the solution were found in the school bag.

Along with making a video of the entire incident, the locals also informed the police. However, due to being caught, these children disappeared. Children were chanting that a mistake had been made. By doing menial labor day and night, working parents are spending blindly for the bright future of their children. Then this kind of incident is proving to be a blow for them. When the parents of these two children came to know about their son’s behavior, they too became speechless. ZR Desai further said that tubes of solution used for puncture were recovered from the children along with paraphernalia such as paper towels, so it was definitely not the fruit that they were using for intoxication. Also there is no restriction whatsoever on carrying and using the solution tube. Due to which no legal offense was registered against both the children. But the parents of both the children were instructed to take special care of their child. One of these two children has been arrested earlier in a case of petty theft during the investigation by the police. Police said legal action had been taken earlier after the juvenile student was caught in a theft incident in conflict with the law.

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