February 25, 2024

Earlier Manpa fee was Rs 900; now it has been directly increased to 3500 rupees.

Surat : The swimming pool run by the Surat Municipal Corporation is continuously increasing the fees. This has led to resentment among swimmers who have been associated with swimming pools over the years. It is being protested in many places. A protest was held by members with playing cards outside the Singanpore swimming pool today.

As many as 18 swimming pools run by the Surat Municipal Corporation have not had any increase in fees for a long time. Having said that, the municipality has drastically increased the swimming pool fees. The fee hike is being protested by members who regularly use various swimming pools. The fee hike was protested by members outside the swimming pool in Katargam zone of the municipality today. Protester Mahendra Kacharia said that in 2018, the municipality had talked about increasing the fee by Rs 100 per year, but this year the municipality has increased it from 80 percent to 300 percent in various categories which is unbearable for the common man.

Today, the members staged a symbolic sit-in protest with playing cards at the Singanpur swimming pool, in which the main issue of fee reduction has been kept along with the continuation of the swimming pool on Saturdays and Sundays. Manpa fee was Rs 900 earlier. It has been directly increased to 3500 rupees. Apart from this there was a fee of Rs 2500. It has been directly reduced to Rs 4500. Similarly, the fees for three, six, nine and twelve months have been increased by 80 to 300 percent. There has been opposition to the fee hike, which would prevent even poor and middle-class children who want to learn swimming from becoming members.

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