February 25, 2024

The nursing staff dyed the saffron without informing anyone. Stretchers were getting lost.

Initially, Saurashtra’s largest civil hospital has once again come under controversy. This time, Rajkot Civil Hospital has come into controversy regarding the stretcher used to transport the patient, in which the color of one stretcher in the emergency department has been changed to amber instead of white within two days.

However, since this color stretcher is missing, it has been defended that it was done without permission by the nursing staff. However, no one believe this like that!

A controversy arose when the stretcher was painted saffron

A controversy has arisen after the stretchers used for patients in Rajkot Civil Hospital were painted saffron. Regarding this, the medical officer working in the emergency department.

It is said that, the color of the stretcher should be white, but the color has been changed by the nursing staff of the emergency department to identify the stretcher. Often the stretcher goes missing, which they have often complained about. However, the saffron color is not suitable, so they have instructed to paint the white color on the stretcher.

After the controversy, white color started again

Moreover, still more should be at least 2 more medical officers and 1 more nursing staff. There is a need to increase the staff in the night shift as well. Civil Superintendent and RMO don’t care.

Despite repeated presentations, his eyes do not open. It is mentioning that, due to the controversy about the saffron stretcher, it has been started to be painted white again.

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