February 29, 2024

In order to earn Rs 300 more in addition to the profit, there was malpractice in Rawtani’s firm

In the city of Rajkot, the tendency to sell adulterated and low-quality items for profit does not go away from certain elements. Once again such elements have been exposed. In one of the samples taken by the food department, the scam of selling palm oil in the name of cotton oil has come to know.

Manpa’s food branch took a sample of a 1 liter packet of Swastik brand cottonseed oil. In this firm, loose oil was harvested and repackaged and sold under labels. The system was also shocked when the report came after taking the sample, because the oil being sold in the name of cotton did not contain even 1 percent of cotton. All this oil was palm oil and was sold in the name of cotton. As this sample fails, now the case will be held in the court of Adjudicating Officer Additional Collector.

Add the essence so that, the palm oil smells like singe oil!

When asked whether palm oil is sold as cotton, no one would know, health officer said, palm oil is the cheapest oil. It has been noticed that, this oil is used to adulterate other oils. But, palm oil itself has essence added to it to sell it under another name.

It is called artificial food enhancer. Although the sale of such enhancers is prohibited, some people find them. This essence is infused in palmolein oil so that apart from cotton, singe oil is also smelled, thus selling light goods to consumers.

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