A presentation has also been made to the Collector.

Surat : A disturbance has been applied in Rander area of Surat. However, a house in Kirtinagar society in Rander area has been sold to a Muslim person. An application form was given by the locals to the collector’s office regarding this, in which action was demanded against the house seller and the house buyer. It was said in the petition that 80 bungalows of Kirtinagar society have been transferred in the name of Muslims. Therefore, the provisions of Article 5-3 of the Civil Disturbance Act 1191 have been completely violated. So that the request of the society residents is approved. Transfer application is allowed without obtaining evidence. So it has been demanded to investigate and take legal action. A local named Josua Martin said that unrest has been going on in this area for the last five years. However, the bungalow number 80 here has been sold to the people of the Muslim community. So an application has been made to the police regarding the activities going on here. A presentation has also been made to the Collector.

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