But fifteen days have been completed yet no one has come here to perform the work.

Surat : Surat Municipal Corporation has done work to replace drainage lines and repair lines in Galamandi area. Due to the operation, the local people are now facing a lot of trouble. Because, the locals are believing that the operations are being hampered by the Municipal Corporation. After completion of the work, people are facing harassment due to potholes on the road and water filling in small puddles. So, due to such lax functioning of the municipality, the locals have put up a banner and given a clear warning that, from now on, please do not come and spit in the neighborhood by slapping thengda (patch).

When there is a drainage repair work done by the Surat Municipal Corporation, there is a repair work for drinking water, sometimes defects are seen in the work, local people have expressed their anger by putting up banners in Galemandi area Where it has been seen that they come to do the repairing work and leave after freezing. As a result of which there is a danger of small potholes falling on the road or even if a vehicle passes by, the tire gets stuck in the road, the locals have warned against doing any work even though they have presented to the municipality regarding this problem. The locals have put up banners and frozen the area in this way and have expressed their anger that if they want to come to work like this, they do not need to do work.Local resident Mohammad Pathan said that the repairing work was done by the Surat Municipal Corporation. Instead of repairing and leveling the road, they left here. Due to which the condition of the road has deteriorated. Regarding the problem, it was repeatedly presented that this pothole should be completed quickly, the motorists are facing difficulties. However, when we go to present, we are told that the work will be done. But fifteen days have been completed yet no one has come here to perform the work.

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