The bags containing four to five cash rupees inside the car were also found empty.

Surat : A shocking incident of robbery took place yesterday from a children’s orphanage located just 500 meters from Katargam police station in Surat city. A person pretended to be an Income Tax officer, took money in a car and kidnapped four people in the morning at the behest of a friend. However, later this young man went ahead and got the four people out of the car and ran away with the car full of cash. In this incident, the police team found the car in an abandoned condition on Kanad Canal Road in Allpad this morning. However, the big thing is that yesterday, according to the complainant, the police were talking about a robbery of 8 crore rupees. Then a complaint has been made to the police only for one crore rupees. Many questions are being raised about it.

According to the details of the entire incident, 48-year-old Kishore Dudhat, who lives in Dederwa village of Jetpur taluka of Rajkot district and currently lives in Krishna Arcade next to Tulsi Residency on Wade Road in Singanpur area of Surat, works in Sahajanand Technology Pvt. Ltd., a company located at Katargam, which manufactures spare parts for Diamond Industries. Then yesterday, Kishor has filed a police complaint of robbery worth Rs 1.04 crore including Rs 1 crore cash and a car worth Rs 4.50 lakh in the Katargam police station. Kishor said in the complaint that around 4:30 pm yesterday, four employees of his company took cash from the company’s Katargam safe locker and deposited it in the Mahidharpura safe at G.J.05.BT 5619 Eco car of the company. All four employees of the company were standing near the orphanage with this car. Then an unknown man aged 35 to 40 came there and got into the car by showing his identity as an Income Tax Officer. After that, this unknown person showed a gun and asked the driver to drive the car, kidnapped him and took him from Ramkatha road to Variav bridge bridge, after dropping all the four persons from the car at the point of gun, he escaped with Eco car.

Due to the incident, there was a lot of confusion in the Katargam area. Then DCP Pinakin Parmar said that after the incident, the police immediately swung into action. Along with the Katargam police, teams from the city’s crime branch police, PCB, SOG and separate police stations including Jahangirpura, Singanpore and Chowk Bazar police are also involved in the investigation. The police have been continuously checking the CCTV cameras of this area for the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, according to the statement of the complainant, the police investigating the car in which the car was abducted and looted the next morning was found in an abandoned condition on the canal road of Kanad village of Allpad taluka of Surat district. The bags containing four to five cash rupees inside the car were also found empty. DCP Pinakin Parmar, while asking how a single person could kidnap four persons and carry out a robbery, further said that according to the complainant, the accused had identified himself as an Income Tax officer. So the complainant allowed him to sit in his car, but the police is still investigating this. In this case, different teams of police are getting detailed information. The complainant is also being investigated intensively with interrogation.

In this robbery that took place yesterday, it was first coming out that 8 crores of rupees had been looted. The complainant was first telling the police that 8 crore rupees were looted. All the police personnel from the in-charge Katargam PI were also telling that yesterday there was a robbery of eight crore rupees, but the next day in the police book one crore cash, car and mobile were found, only a complaint of robbery of 1 crore 4 lakh 70 thousand was registered. Many questions are being raised regarding that. Then DCP Parmar said that we have taken the complaint as per the complaint given by the complainant. The talk of 8 crores is just a matter concocted in the media. According to the details of the 8 crore robbery, it has been found that the looted money was obtained from illegal crypto currency. Regarding this, the complainant has filed a complaint with the police that instead of 8 crores, only one crore rupees were looted. Asking DCP Pinakin Parmar about this, he said that the police will investigate and action will be taken according to whatever comes out in the investigation, but now the priority of the police is to solve this crime. For which they are constantly striving.

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