February 29, 2024

Civil hospital will be built soon in Rajkot , after filteration till 10 days milk can be stored

Initially, Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Government Hospital in Rajkot city is going to start with the existing state of the art facilities. Saurashtra’s first milk bank will start in this Mother Child Multispecialist Hospital, in which the mother’s milk will be stored.

Further, mother’s milk will also be given to newborns, who are motherless due to reasons such as death of the mother after giving birth and abandonment of children. This milk can be stored for 10 days.

Furthermore, they further said that, the milk collected by the donor mothers in the milk bank will be fully tested. After this it will be stored for about 10 days after filtering and during this time the milk will be given to any child who comes in need.

Thanks to this milk bank, many newborn babies will be able to get breast milk. However, it will take about a month for this milk bank to become operational. After the milk bank becomes operational, no child in Saurashtra, including Rajkot, will be stunted due to lack of mother’s milk.

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