February 25, 2024

Scammers used to make bogus ID proof to cheat people; Although police have arrested and conducted further investigation.

Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad SOG Crime Branch has arrested the fraudsters who stole Mamlatdar’s bogus ID card. These fraudsters were luring people by offering them cheap gold biscuits. After that, another gang who met with them used to disguise themselves as officers and make off with both gold and cash. This entire case was registered in the police book for a long time, but today these scammers have been caught by the police. Police have arrested this gang and started legal action. As the police have full suspicion that many people have come under the hands of this gang, investigations have also been conducted in that direction.

Further, SOG Crime Branch PI Chirag Gosai told, “Earlier a person was cheated in Dharampur in connection with the transaction of gold biscuits. An investigation was also underway in this regard. We found an important link in this case and got the details of a person involved in this scam from Virat Nagar, Ahmedabad. Acting on a tip-off, we detained a suspect and got more information about the scam. This person’s name was Kirit Amin. He along with his team-B had earlier fraudulently looted cash and gold biscuits. At present, the interrogation of the accused is underway. We have also received bogus i-cards from the accused, the accused used to use this i-card to cheat people.

The modus operandi behind this was something like, first one would find a target and fix an amount asking him to give cheap gold. Then they would all gather at one place and people like Kirit would reach there as ED officers. Then one of them used to ask that person to run away from there and these people used to run away with the cash and gold. So, these people were cheating, but after getting information about this racket we have arrested them. Still others may be involved within the gang. Complaints have been lodged against these people earlier and they are also being interrogated.

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